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Australian Accounting & Bookkeeping.

From Setup, Bookkeeping, Ongoing Compliance and VCFO services, Freedom Outsourcing has been helping accounting firms profitably scale. 
Contact us today to find out how we can help your firm.
Our solution is simple. 
  • We recruit high-quality talent
  • We train them in Australian Taxation Law and Concepts
  • We seamlessly onboard them into your firm to provide you with high-quality capacity to service your clients. 
The two main solutions that our clients use are
  1. End to End Support and Review (most popular) - This is where you have will have a designated full-time accountant and bookkeeper, whose work is reviewed by a highly experienced senior manager.  This allows firms to quickly expand their outsourced team allowing up to 4 accountants/bookkeepers under 1 manager. 
  2. Support Only - Access to a full-time accountant/bookkeeper who will report your inhouse manager.  Their tasks will be assigned and reviewed by the inhouse staff member. 

Why Freedom Outsourcing?

Each month we take on new Australian Firms with the same concerns:

  • We cant find quality trained staff
  • Staff members are leaving us quickly
  • Staff members are wanting more and more money
  • We are wanting to make a bigger profit. 
We understand the ongoing concerns and issues with growing an accounting practice.  Finding and training new staff is the BIGGEST factor for firms not being able to scale. 
We take away the headache of training, vetting quality staff and save you not only with ongoing overhead costs, but also stress and headaches around onboarding and firing staff. 
Case Study:
New Wave Increased Profit by
Save up to 60% on Payroll Costs
"We take a holistic approach toward each of our accounting firm clients. Our clients consistently experience more profit, improved cash flow, and less stress."
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